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  Dark Liberator v3

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Click HERE to get this saber with Obsidian Sound installed.

Read here for info on Li-Ion setup.

These are your available blade colors:

NOTE: Blazing red is a true red. It appears orange on camera due to its intensity.

The Dark Liberator v3 Battle Saber is the weapon of choice for those who demand quality and elegance in their saber. It is lightweight, durable, and well balanced. These attributes make it a real contender for the serious duelist. And this saber is back and better than ever and this version can accommodate sound and has a MHS compatible pommel. And of course the Dark version has been black anodized and machined back silver and polished to a high finish.

This saber features a screw-on MHS compatible pommel for easy battery access. The pommel is also counter-weighted to bring the balance point of the saber further back towards the hilt. For grip, the saber's mid section is slightly concaved for a very comfortable hand position.

The Dark Liberator v2 is 11.5" long and the Dark Liberator v3 is 11.625" long. The Dark Liberator v2 is 1.25" wide and the Dark Liberator v3 is 1.42" wide. This slightly bigger frame feels great in your hands and it still has the same overall handles as the old Dark Liberator v2 that everyone knows and loves.

The Dark Liberator comes standard with a 36" Ultra Mid Grade Blade fully assembled and ready to go. This saber comes standard with a MHS compatible pommel. Sound is an option on this saber.

Here is a good look at the windows in the emitter

Here is a look at the emitter

Here is a look at the solid pommel.

Here is a look at the Vented Pommel

Here is a picture of the Initiate v3 with some of our MHS compatible pommels (from left to right: Catalyst, Dark Catalyst, Bellicose Long Grooves, Raven SS, Raven Plain, Dark Warglaive 2, Dark Warglaive, Arbiter, Archon, Consular pommels)

Item Description
  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • 1.42" wide
  • 11.625" long
  • Removable pommel (MHS compatible)
  • Polycarbonate UltraBlade
  • Low profile guarded push button switch
  • Seoul P4 or Luxeon Rebel Star
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries