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Here you will find your options for ForceFX Conversion. Either Mail In Conversions in which you mail in your ForceFX and we convert it for you or UltraFX conversions in which we provide a brand new ForceFX saber and convert it into an UltraFX for you.

These are brand new ForceFX collectibles that have been converted into a brighter, more evenly lit and much more durable UltraFX dueling sabers. In the process we change out the LED lighting system to a much brighter and more evenly lit option and into the color of your CHOICE! And we also make the blade removable and you can also upgrade to the blade type of your CHOICE! These UltraFX conversions are also fully warrantied, unlike a Mail In Conversion in which we cannot warranty.

In the process of conversion, please keep in mind that we have to fully disassembly the entire ForceFX collectible in order to change the blade and the lighting system to convert it into an UltraFX dueling saber. There may be visible signs, dings, or small scratches from has to completely take apart a saber that was not meant to be taken apart. These marks are not reason for return or exchange, they are normal when a saber is being converted.

UltraFX conversions DO NOT COME WITH AN OBSIDIAN SOUNDBOARD, they keep the normal ForceFX soundboard that comes default with the saber. This is not upgraded to Obsidian Sound. If you are looking for a saber with Obsidian Sound, please check HERE
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