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Ultra Sabers Dueling Lightsaber Blades For Sale

Here are all the real lightsaber blades we offer. Our saber electronic lightsaber blades are fully interchangeable. Any blade size or type can fit any Ultrasaber. We have a discussion of the different blade types on our forums here. After you decide on your blade, be sure to check out our custom lightsaber hilts. Make sure to check out our page about Emerald Drivers for customizing your lightsaber blade colors.

  • UltraEdge blades provide a thick, bright blade due to the white polycarbonate tube. The white polycarbonate creates a FULLER blade look but isn't as bright as non-Ultraedge blades.
  • Mid-grade blades are an excellent all around choice. The saber blades are lightweight and allow the true color of the LED through at maximum brightness; however, they're not as thick as the Heavy grade blades and are not meant for full contact dueling.
  • Heavy Grade & Ultraedge Heavy Grade blades literally weigh twice as much as the mid-grade blades. They do sacrifice brightness in exchange for brutal strength. These are the recommended blade types for full contact dueling.

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No weapon on earth is quite as instantly recognizable as a lightsaber. The chosen ultimate weapons of Jedi heroes and Sith villains in the Star Wars universe are a staple of pop Americana, and the popularity of lightsabers since Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope hit the theaters in 1977 has only increased. With the release of a steady stream of new Star Wars movies, video games, novels, and action figures, lightsabers become even more ubiquitous and fans the world over would love nothing more than to have their very own custom lightsaber.

Well, now you can, with the custom built lightsabers from Ultrasabers .com! We take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of all our lightsabers and lightsaber blades, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our shoppers are thoroughly satisfied with their lightsaber purchases from our online store.

This section showcases our array of customizable lightsaber blades for new or existing lightsabers purchased from Ultrasabers .com. Lightsaber blades are the most crucial component of any properly crafted lightsaber since they must be both durable enough to weather a storm of blows in lightsaber combat and bright enough to show off your chosen emitter lightsaber color. Choose from a variety of lightsaber colors from red blades to blue blades and everything in between.

Our custom lightsaber blades come in three basic types:

Mid-Grade Lightsaber Blades
.An excellent all-purpose blade for most of our lightsabers, the mid-grade lightsaber blade is lightweight, provides good color richness and emission, and is sturdy enough for light mock melee combat for a lightsaber duel. The mid-grade lightsaber blade is available with a standard rounded tip or a pointed tip (pointed tips are $5 more and may require additional build time.)

Heavy Lightsaber Blades
Heavy lightsaber blades weigh nearly twice as much as mid-grade blades and sacrifice a small amount of overall color richness compared to the other two blade models. The advantage of the heavy blade becomes apparent in melee, however, as heavy lightsaber blade wielders become nearly unstoppable juggernauts during lightsaber combat! If you prefer strength and durability over color richness during your full contact lightsaber battles, the heavy lightsaber blade is for you! This lightsaber style is available with a standard rounded tip or a pointed tip (pointed tips are $5 more and may require additional build time.)

Ultra-Edge Lightsaber Blades
The best of both worlds! Ultra-edge lightsaber blades use a special blend of white polycarbonate to provide fuller realistic lightning (with a slight sacrifice in brightness). At least as strong as mid-grade lightsaber blades, Ultra-Edge lightsaber blades provide much fuller color, allowing you to dodge, parry, and slash in lightsaber fightingstyle. Available with a standard rounded tip or a pointed tip (pointed tips are $5 more and may require additional build time.)

Once you decide on a custom lightsaber blade, make sure to check out our custom lightsaber hilts and accessories. Use our custom lightsaber builder to build the perfect lightsaber for your unique style.

To help decide what lightsaber blade is best for you, find your llightsaber fighting stlye by taking this lightsaber combat style quiz.

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