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Ready to build your own weapon? Here are all the parts you'll need to construct your own Ultra Saber. You can choose to build an Ultra Saber exactly as we do, or you can mix and match parts to create something custom to you. If you have questions on any of this, please ask on our forums: SaberForum.Com.

The only technical assistance for the "Build Your Own Lightsaber" category will be on Saber Forum, NOT through our email. We highly recommend you create an account and join the Saber Forum community before first attempting a build on your own!

Choose a subcategory below to see what we have to offer our fellow sabersmiths.

Sound Electronics Bodies
Supplies for adding sound to your saber.
Electronics for your lightsaber!
These are the main body sections for a saber.
Claws Emitters Couplers
Various claws used on Ultra Saber Emitters.
Sometimes called a "Blade Holder", emitters will adorn the top of your hilt and come in many different styles.
These parts are used to combine two sabers together to form a staff.
Pommels Complete Hilts
Sometimes called an "End Cap".  These screw on to the bottom of your saber body.
Our complete, standard hilts, ready for you to assemble and install electronics.
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