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Menace SE
Menace SE


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Featured Video

Ultrasabers Menace

Check out the new Ultrasabers Menace which is compatible with both sound and the Emerald LED driver

Review Video

Ultrasabers Menace Overview

I talk a bit about the Menace from Ultrasabers with my best buddy, Murphy.

Review Video

Ultrasabers Dark Menace Unboxing!!

Hands down one of Ultrasabers' best hilts to date!

Review Video

My Azure Menace from Ultra Sabers!

This is a review of my Azure Menace from the company Ultra Sabers. Yes I realize I am holding a paper and reading the review. I am not good at doing reviews. My Fiance had to hold the camera for me.

Review Video

Ultrasabers Crimson Menace unboxing and review.

I ordered this lightsaber with Ultrasabers' Emerald driver and Obsidian soundboard v4, giving it the ability to be programed with any color combination, and multiple sound fonts. Bought this one as a birthday gift for my brother, and I'm blown away by the awesome quality of it.

Buy - Stunt Menace SE

Ultrasabers is proud to present:

The Menace - SE

The new Menace brings one of the most coveted and loved saber designs to the Ultrasabers lineup. The Menace is combat ready and made entirely of T6 Aircraft Aluminum. The dueling Menace Lightsaber is available in 5 different finishes: High Polish (SE), Black Anodize (Dark), Red Anodize (Crimson), Blue Anodize (Azure), and Nickel Plated Finish (CE). The emitter is also available in 4 different styles. You can get the emitter underlay in Silver or Black and also with or without Windows. You can stylize your Stunt Menace SE by selecting the lightsaber color of all 3 Knurled Screws on the hilt. The Menace is able to accommodate sound installs, Emerald LED driver installs, and has a MHS compatible emitter & pommel as well.

The Menace comes standard with a Black Covertec wheel.

The Menace comes standard with a 36" blade, is 1.5" wide at the grip, and 10.375" long from the top of the emitter to the bottom of the pommel (11.250" long with Recharge Port installs or Emerald Driver installs). The saber comes completely assembled and ready to go. The pommel and emitter are removable and compatible with TCSS MHS parts. Sound and the Emerald LED driver are also available options.

Both Standard Setup and Li-Ion Setup work perfectly for a Menace with No Sound. However, Li-Ion Setup is mandatory in order to add sound or the Emerald driver to the Menace.

Read here for info on Li-Ion setup.

Featured Images

Menace SE Full View
Menace SE Full View
Menace SE with AV Switch (only available on Sabers with Sound)
Menace SE with AV Switch
Menace SE with Regular Guarded Switch
Menace SE with Regular Guarded Switch
Menace Emitter - Black with Windows
Menace Emitter - Black with Windows
Menace Emitter - Black without Windows
Menace Emitter - Black without Windows
Menace Emitter - Silver with Windows
Menace Emitter - Silver with Windows
Menace Emitter - Silver without Windows
Menace Emitter - Silver without Windows
Menace Pommel
Menace Pommel
Menace Covertec
Menace Covertec
Menace Knurled Screws (from Left to Right: Silver, Black, Red, Blue)
Menace Knurled Screws
All Menace Finishes (from Left to Right: CE, SE, Dark, Azure, Crimson)
All Menace Finishes
Double Bladed Menace (second Menace and coupler NOT INCLUDED, must be purchased separately to create a double sided lightsaber)
Double Bladed Menace
The Menace SE Ignited
The Menace Ignited
The Menace SE from
Double Bladed Menace
Item Description
  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • 1.5" wide at grip
  • 10.375" long (11.25" long with Recharge Port or Emerald Driver)
  • Removable emitter & pommel (MHS compatible)
  • Polycarbonate UltraBlade
  • Low profile guarded push button switch
  • Seoul P4 or LED Engin High Powered LED
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries or 2 14500 Li-Ion Batteries

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