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  Obsidian USB Soundboard 3.0


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Fully Configurable, Fully Customizable Obsidian USB Soundboard 3.0

Comes with Mini USB Cord & Wiring Harness

(Requires a Momentary Switch, NOT latching)


The 3.0 version is compatible for use with the new Obsidian Launcher v3.x.x which is a complete software overhaul with tons of improvements over its predecessor.
  • Smooth install with no annoying and confusing error messages
  • No risk of damage to the soundboard from cancelled downloads or abrupt disconnects
  • Obsidian Launcher Help menu/instructions built into program
  • Master Volume control and Master Mute Button to adjust or mute the entire saber
  • Individual volume control and mute button for each individual sound effect type. For example, you can mute just the lock up sound or mute all impact sounds, etc
  • Ability to easily listen to all .lsu sound files before downloading them to your saber
  • Ability to enable or disable the pulsate (flicker) light effect associated with Flash on Clash when you activate the lockup
  • Ability to enable or disable Flash on Clash from the Launcher

The 3.0 version also comes with all the features of its predecessor

  • Flash on Clash functionality
  • Pulsate (or Flicker) functionality during lock up
  • No front side capacitor (much lower profile soundboard, easier to mount in a saber)
  • One layer of in line wiring pins (much lower profile soundboard, easier to mount in a saber)
  • 4 watt (x 4 ohm) amplifier compared to the 2 watt (x 4 ohm) amplifier in the original Obsidian
  • On board circuitry protections (against overpowering the soundboard & some short circuit protection)
  • Ability to change the speed of your Flash on Clash and lock up Pulsate (or flicker)

Here is a tutorial on how to install and use the Obsidian Launcher: HERE

Item Description
  • 2.35" (60mm) Length
  • 1" (25mm) Width
  • 0.3" (8mm) Height [at highest point on wiring harness, 0.2" (5mm) at USB port]

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