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Aeon LE v2
Aeon LE v2


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Ultrasabers is proud to present:

The Aeon LE v2

The Aeon LE v2 is the lightside version of our beloved Dominix v2. This is one of the favorite hilt designs among duelists, slim, sleek, durable, and cheap! The Aeon hilt is constructed 100% from T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The pommel is threaded, and the saber comes with grooves. The Aeon is the next level up from an Initiate- like a big brother, and as such, the Aeon is essentially a longer version of the Initiate V2. So if you have a youngling, you can get them a matching saber!

We didn't stop there! With this Limited Edition version of the Aeon, the grooves have been anodized gold! Giving the saber just the look enthusiasts have been looking for.

The hilt measures 12 inches long and comes with a 36" Ultra blade. The material is T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The pommel unscrews for easy battery access and is powered by regular alkaline batteries.

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Aeon LE v2 Full
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Aeon LE v2 Emitter
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Aeon LE v2 Pommel
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The Aeon LE v2 Ignited
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The Aeon LE v2 from
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