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Grab Bag Saber

Our Price: $55.00

Availability:: LEAD TIME - Allow 2 to 3 BUSINESS days for Fabrication

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Blade Retention Screw Wrench

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Ultra     Sabers     Grab     Bag     Sabers

Please Note:

The     grab     bag     saber     is     one     Stunt     (No Sound)     saber     selected     at     random.

This item is not a bag of sabers, it is a single, preconstructed Stunt (no sound) lightsaber hilt selected 100% at random.

These Grab Bag Sabers come with fully functional and warrantied electronics. The hilts may have cosmetic flaws.

You have the options to get your Grab Bag saber without a blade or with the full size 36" blade type of your choice. You can have the color of the lightsaber blade picked at random or you can pick this as well.

You cannot select the hilt type, color, size, quality, finish, or anything in regards to the construction of the saber's hilt. This will be 100% random.

Grab     Bag     Sabers     Will     Not     Have     Sound

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Grab Bag Sabers are 100% Constructed From Random Parts
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