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The Initiate V2
The Initiate V2


Our Price: $54.99

Availability:: LEAD TIME - Allow 3 to 5 BUSINESS days for Fabrication

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UltraSabers Dark Initiate V2 LE

Quick review of a nice stunt saber

Dark     Initiate     V2     Lightsaber     For     Sale

Ultrasabers is proud to present:

The     Dark     Initiate     v2

This is the Dark version of the Initiate V2. It's identical in every way to the Initiate V2 except for the black anodized finish. Below is the standard description for the Initiate V2.

The Initiate has long been our best selling saber and now it's even better.

The new Initiate V2 is made from machined aluminum for even more durability. The saber has machined grooves, an enlarged thoracic switch housing, and a reinforced emitter.

Originally the Initiate was created as a saber for younglings who were just getting started. However, it was quickly realized that these sabers are excellent combat weapons in their own right and suitable for warriors of all ages. This saber is perfect not only for the younglings, but also for warriors who need a more compact weapon. It's easy to conceal, and the size of this hilt also makes it perfect for dual wielding or as an off-hand weapon. The hilt measures 8.75 inches long and comes with a 24" Initiate Ultra blade. The material is T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The pommel unscrews for easy battery access and is powered by regular alkaline batteries.

Please note that The Dark Initiate v2 cannot accept Obsidian sound or Emerald LED installations, and is not MHS compatible.

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The Dark Initiate v2 Full
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The Dark Initiate v2 Emitter
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The Dark Initiate v2 Pommel
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