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Gas Sabers?

The greatest debate in the universe rages on! What is a lightsaber made of, and is it possible for us simple force-muggles wield the power of the galaxy's most elegant weapon?

We've seen science legends like Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Brian Cox all give their take on how science could bring us the most coveted weapon in all of science fiction, but now Nerdist's Thor stand-in scientist Kyle Hill has stepped up to the plate with a new theory...

Nerd Thor is here and brings a theory founded on colors. And not just any colors; colors that are seen when electricity is run through a gas creating an "Electron Avalanche" (We're pretty sure this isn't Thor anyway...) as seen in a common neon sign. Kyle proposes that various colors for Lightsabers could be obtained when electricity is run through a myriad of different gasses being compressed in a tight tube, ranging from the Sith's red being created with a simple neon, to Mace Windu's purple coming from argon gas.

But it doesn't stop there! Kyle dives head first into his seemingly crazy theory, but combos out with others from earth's greatest scientists who have also weighed in, tops it off with an actual example called a Tokamak, and then sticks the landing with a little cameo of an UltraSabers Renegade. We knew we liked him.

Check it all out in the link below!

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