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Can I just get a new blade if I want to change colors?
  Possibly one of the most frequently asked questions... The blade itself is hollow. The light inside the blade is derived from the LED inside the saber's body. There are no electronics or any other way to control the light color from inside the blade -it simply captures the light so you have a saber instead of a searchlight. =)
Can you convert “EL” sabers?
Can you convert EL sabers like Parks?
  Sorry, we no longer offer conversion services for EL sabers.
What are the differences between the stock/stock replacement FX blade and the Stunt blade?
  The stock/stock replacement FX blade can take light to medium dueling against other polycarbonate blades but NOT against any other hardened weapons/objects, etc…
What if I have an empty FX hilt? Can you guys make it an UltraFX?
  Sorry, if the hilt you have is completely empty, there's nothing we can do with it. For us to be able to do anything with it, you would need to at least have the internal plastic components.
Will modifying my FX saber void the warranty from Master Replicas?
  Yes. But if we convert it, we will provide a warranty to protect against any failures due to our craftsmanship.
Will my blade still grow and retract or have that “scrolling” effect?
  After the conversion, the saber will quickly fade on and fade off in sync with the sounds. Since the LEDs are no longer inside the blade, that dramatic scroll effect is virtually impossible.
Will my saber keep its cool sound effects after the conversion?
  Yes. It will keep the power up/down and “whoosh” sounds as well as clashing & idle humming sound.

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