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Blade Retention Screw Wrench

Include Retention Screw Wrench*:

Include Blade Plug

Include Saber Stand

Include Covertec Clip

Install Covertec Wheel

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Featured Video

Ultrasabers Dominix and Aeon v3

First look at Ultrasabers Dominix and Aeon v3

Review Video

Ultrasabers Aeon v3 LE Review

Alright, here's a review of my newest aquisition: the Ultrasabers' Aeon v3 LE.

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Ultrasabers Aeon LE V3 Review

Review of the Ultrasabers Aeon LE V3

Review Video

Ultrasabers Aeon LE v3 (Bane's Heart) Review

Here comes my first Ultrasaber review! This is an amazing saber that I actually got for free because the Emerald Manticore saber I bought was part of a deal for a free random grab bag! It comes with the exclusive Bane's Heart LED color!

Review Video

Ultrasabers Aeon LE V3 Video Review

My review of the Ultrasabers Aeon LE V3 with v3 obsidian soundboard, artic blue blade colour, FoC Silver, li-ion setup with buckpuck, heavy grade blade, vented pommel, round blade tip

Ultrasabers is proud to present:

The     Aeon     LE   v3

The new Aeon LE v3 is made from machined aluminum that has been gold anodized and re-machined to add gold grooves to a silver base just like the v2 and this version is able to accommodate sound installs and has a MHS compatible pommel.

This is a great standard Light Side saber with gold accents for extra style points. The two choke points on this hilt make it great for one hand and two handed combat. This saber can be used as a main hand or off hand weapon. The Aeon LE v3 comes standard with a 36" blade.

The Aeon LE v2 is 1.25" wide and 11.75" long, while the Aeon LE v3 is 1.45" wide and 12.25" long. So you get the same size and feel of a Aeon LE v2 with some new great features.

The saber comes completely assembled and ready to go. The pommel is TCSS MHS (Modular Hilt System) Compatible, meaning it is removable and interchangeable with other MHS compatible parts. The Aeon LE v3 is also available with our Obsidian Soundboard. These are both exciting new additions to our Aeon LE v3 saber.

Both Standard Setup and Li-Ion Setup work perfectly for an Aeon with No Sound. However, Li-Ion Setup is mandatory in order to add sound or the Emerald driver to the Aeon.

Read here for info on Li-Ion setup.

Featured Images

Aeon LE v3 Full
Image Unavailable
Aeon LE v3 Emitter
Image Unavailable
Aeon LE v3 Pommel
Image Unavailable
Here is a picture of the Initiate v3 with some of our MHS compatible pommels for the Aeon LE v3.
From left to right: Catalyst, Dark Catalyst, Bellicose Long Grooves, Raven SS, Raven Plain, Dark Warglaive 2, Dark Warglaive, Arbiter, Archon, Consular pommels.
Image Unavailable
The Aeon LE v3 Ignited
Image Unavailable
The Aeon LE v3 From
Image Unavailable
Item Description
  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • 1.45" wide
  • 12.375" long
  • Removable pommel (MHS compatible)
  • Low profile guarded push button switch

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